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Default The latest platform of Foxconn P55 - Inferno Katana first look

The launch of Intel latest LGA1156 platform shows user the i5-750, i7-860 and i7-870 brand new processors.
I heard that the price of 1156 platform will be much competitive than 1366.
It sounds like a high-performance product but in a mid-range cost.

So many motherboard manufacturers have exposed their P55 products around worldwide media.

Foxconn started their own brand motherboard almost 4 years.
And the High-end series ”Quantum Force”, I remember they launched the OC boards since 2 years.
But, since P45 last year, the rumor about Foxconn was going to stop their channel business, which was everywhere.

After all, Foxconn still launch several high-end and entry level products, now is P55 Mobo.

Now, what I have in hand is the latest Intel product.
Based on P55 platform, the model name called “Inferno Katana” the Quantum Force series likes to pick up a very special name for their product.
That’s so “gamer-centric”.

FOXCONN Inferno Katana, a total look

Red and Black is the theme color for Foxconn Quantum Force series.

The lower right parts of the board.
3 X PCIE X16
(Supports both ATI CrossFireX & NVidia SLI technology, the bandwidth is X8+X8)
2 X PCI-E X1
The LAN chip is by Realtek’s RTL8111DL; also, the board features their ALC888 as the audio codec too.
Intel’s X series chipset provides dual PCIe X16 bandwidth, but P series they only gives you Dual PCIe X8...

The lower right parts
6 X SATAII(P55,Supports Raid 0/1/5/10)
Dual BIOS、POWER/RESET button、Debug LED diplay function

The Upper right parts.
4 XDIMM DDR3, Supports DDR3 1333/1600/1800, Max reach 16GB
Fuzzy Equalizer, a design that shows you the loading of the PWM parts.
The left is 24PIN power connector, The red button is the Force Reset, a real force the system to be Reset.

The upper left parts
The LGA1156 socket, the cooler’s mounting holes are a bit different to 1336.
They feature total 14-phase Hybrid PWM for processor and memory parts.

IO parts
8 X USB 2.0
1 X IEEE 1394a
1 X Gigabit LAN
That black button is for clearing CMOS.

The “Core Nerve”
This is a LED device for telling you how heavy the system loading is, fast tempo twinkle means heavy,
slow twinkling tempo means the loading is light.
I heard that this have 5 different speed level to show your loading. A new interesting stuff.

Where the QF logo covered is the P55 chipset location.
Then, where the “i-Tweaker” covered is the advanced OC controller.
I think the heat pipe design is not bad at this board.

MOSfet’s heat sink, red + black striped.
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