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Default Low Noise Workstation Build

Hi All,
I've been lurking around these forums for a while and thought I would get some opinions on a new build. This will be a workstation used primarily for graphics and web design (Photoshop, Illustrator, VMware etc.) and probably won't be overclocked.

There's a fine line between quiet and fast, and... after days of research I've compiled the parts that I think/hope might walk that line.

All opinions/suggestions/questions welcome.

New Parts:
i7 975 (Almost went with Xeon W3580 but chickened out).
Asus P6T6 WS Revolution (Pure PCI-E, but the NF200 might up the temps)
12GB Corsair Dominator 7-7-7-20 (TR3X6G1600C7D)
HIS H485QS1GP Radeon HD 4850 (Supposedly runs cool and quite, cheap.)
Xonar Essence STX Sound
Corsair H50 Hydro (2 - Gelid PWM fans in push pull)
Corsair 850HX Power Supply (Single rail, multiple rails are just plain stupid in my opinion).
Arctic-Cooling MX-3 TIM
2 - Gelid PWM fans
6 - Gelid 120mm temperature controlled fans
HP 1260i DVD Burner (Cheap, good reviews, supposedly quiet, multiformat, 24x, 130ms)
XP x64

These parts from my existing machine are tried and true, work perfect so they're all going in the new build.
Areca 1231ML (Best investment I ever made)
4 - Patriot Warp v2, 32GB, All in RAID 0 (Drive C)
5 - Raptor WD1600ADFD, (RAID Edition) All in Raid 5 for storage (Drive D)
2 - 1TB WD1002FBYS Black Raid Edition, housed in trayless mobile racks, in RAID 1 for Acronis backups
1 - Corsair TX450, runs hard drives only, dead silent. (Will remove this when I can afford all SSD's).
2 - Intel Pro 1000 NIC's.
PC-A71B Lian-Li case.

The PC-A71B is a decent, somewhat flimsy but roomy case. As with most cases, the front intake filters are a joke and a huge chore to clean. So, I removed the filters, sealed the intake fan holes to the front panel with thick heavy weatherstrip and glued PuraPC filter material to the inside of the front panel. It looks perfect from the outside, the front panel is still removable, and now I use a vacuum cleaner about once a week to clean the filter, (from the outside, no dis-assembly required). I've had this case over 2 years and it's still almost completely dust free inside.

Fans are always a tough call for me. I was considering Multiblocker Multiframes but the MB PWM's minimum is 1000 rpm and the youtube videos they sound pretty loud.
I'm hoping at idle, the Gelid PWM's in push pull on the H50 at 750rpm will be sufficient.

So, waddya' think? Am I on the right track?

Great forums!



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