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Ok first things first the one Huge thing about windows xp 32bit is that for it to run great you pretty much have to reinstall it every three months I kid you not if you don't it will slow down know matter what you do. what I did to cure this problem was get a second hard drive install window xp on it and all of my other things ( programs documents and things like that ) and run most ly portables that way when you do your clean install everything that you have stays intact on the second hard drive and it doesn't slow down. back when I still was using a p4 3ghz I tried vista and never ever again then I installed a slimmed don version of server 2003 which was the ultimate fast never slowed down but some program were a real problem to install on it. so I suggest getting a second hard drive and back up everything ( drivers all files programs ) and do a fresh install.
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