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yup, just make sure the board supports both SLI and CF, i know forsure that one ASUS board didn't support SLI (they didn't want to pay the licensing fee as it is mid range) but i am not sure if there are others. be careful though, some companies may not fully advertise the ability to run both.

take EVGA for example, they don't heavily advertise their X58 or P55 lineup as Crossfire compatible, they push SLI. the simple reason is that they don't sell ATI cards, naturally they are going to want you to run SLI (NVIDIA cards they sell). it is in the specs but only a single line and that is it. heck the names of their boards have SLI right in it leaving some to believe you can't run Crossfire on them. so just do a check on the board you are interested in, but even if it isn't in plain site, it still might run both. you can always post up here with your selections to double check
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