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Default PC slow down ?


My father has been complaining that his computer is running slow. That it takes a while to open programs and all. Now that is pretty common, but earlier this summer, I added 512mb of RAM to his computer and he was saying it was all amazingly fast. Then, he purchased a 24in LCD monitor and now its slow again (or so he says).

is it possible that bumping the monitor from 17in to 24in put more stress on the integrated GPU and made this run slower ?

He is using Firefox, Word, Excel and that sums it all pretty well. I would assume those programs to be very lightweight, but I am still puzzled.

His computer is a Compaq
Pentium 4 2.6 Ghz
1gb RAM
160gb HDD (less than 50% of it is used)
The integrated GPU is (not sure which numbers matter) a 910GL
its running Win Xp service pack 3

Now, what I noticed is that when FF is opened and nothing is loading, the CPU gets to 100% load when it loads a new page. I can hear the CPU fan going at 100% speed when watching a video like the product review for the Corsair Obsidian 800D. And the mouse works like , that is some investigation I need to do on my part, but I feel it freezes sometimes.

Any idea of what could be causing the problem ?
I slowly implanted the idea of nice and cheap dual core, but it would be nice if this computer lasted a little longer.
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