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My System Specs


I ended up getting one to replace my Freezer 7 Pro, not that I had much problems with temp but the Freezer would get loud when the CPU was under load (92mm Fan). I figured with a 120mm fan and a bigger cooler I could get away with running the fan slower for less noise since I my PC is also my HTPC.

It works, did a quick test dropped my idle temp by 8C but my full load only went down by 4C but with much less noise, can't really hear it really which I was looking for.

Good build quality, quite, powerful fan and really solid mounting with the added bonus of having the backplate mounted separately from the heatsink making maintenance easier, just remove the heatsink clean and reinstall without worrying about the backplate.

The bad:
Thermal compound they give you with this thing is crap.
Fan clips, don't like them but most people do?

Might try and remount because of the load temp, thermal compound I used was a liquid base one which might not be that good for direct touch heat pipe cooler since I heard you should pack the base in between the heat pipe and aluminum base plate? might pick up a different compound later on and remount.
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