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Originally Posted by JMCD View Post
Doesn't make sense tbh...a 295 needs an 8 and 6 pin, yet this new 285 needs 3x6?
the 3x6 is for when idiots like myself throw a pot on the card and run it at 1200MHz+ under LN2. to prevent us from having to cap/inductor/PWM mod the card to run higher clocks.

this card is the child of one of the best overclocker's on the planet Peter Tan AKA Shamino. adding the third 6 pin was a nice touch as it means the cards PWM will never be starved of power from the PSU...again, in these extremely rare sub-zero balls to the wall scenarios. the PWM may or may not need all three to always be connected, i honestly haven't been following, but the way the PWM is setup it may need all three all the time, even though it is complete overkill of 99% of the users that will be running these cards.

they have designed these cards for a specific purpose but added enough cool stuff to appeal to every day users who just have to have the best...just don't forget their true purpose when questioning some of the design aspects.
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