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I've confirmed with Thermalright that the Rev. A fits the 8800GT, however the Rev. A doesn't include heatsinks for the mosfets on that cooler.

They have a HR-03GT coming soon, it's essentially an HR-03 Plus (6 heat pipes instead of 4) with a different bracket to fit the 8800GT, and a few more heatsinks for the mosfets.

Thermalright VGA Backside Cooler HR-11

I've sent an email to TR asking about the dimensions on that page; it looks to me like they got them mixed up with another heatsink. The late-night support address has replied already:


Those are the only dimensions I have.

Thermalright Support,

...but I don't think I'll have a real answer until tomorrow. :)

Edit: Yep, the dimensions were wrong. Someone else at TR informed me that they've updated the web site.

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