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Default Where's AMD? And everyone else...

No, this isn't "Where's Waldo?" With the release of the i5, it's about time that AMD pulled out their collective butt-plugs and made something a little more competitive in the higher (and now due to i5) mid price ranges. They cannot survive scraping the bottom with low-end dual cores.

So where is AMD? No, this isn't a rant thread either. Insight into the future is more like it. For all the AMD-fans out there, or people like myself that just would HATE to see an Intelopoly, we need something to look forward to.

So? Where's AMD? True, they're starting to get some nice yields @ 45nm Hex-Cores. Enough to make more models of the current-gen "Istanbul" server processors and even enough to show off their "Magny Cours" architecture a little (2x Istanbuls on one CPU with the massive G34 socket). But despite all this, I'm not excited... They're the biggest competitor to Intel and have done nothing but fall behind in recent years. It's time for something new to come out. Anything.

Bobcat, Bulldozer, "Future is fusion".... it's all starting to seem like BS to me. Nothing that they've come out with recently approaches what they Said they'd have coming. True, the latest Phenom IIs clock higher than the previous gen and have a better architecture, but who gives a when Intel has i5s out now that will match or beat the best AMD offerings at (in some cases) 50-100$ less?

How about VIA? Don't even think about it. There was some, tiny glimmer of hope in my mind when they released the "Isaiah" architecture (now called Via nano). But what have they done with it? Squat. Their single core 1.6Ghz can beat an Intel Atom at some benchmarks, but the newer Atom 330's leave Nano in the dust. There were rumors of a dual or even quad core Via Nano, but that's probably never going to happen either.

So what do you all think? Is it time to declare an Intelopoly? The thought depresses me...
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