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Originally Posted by magictorch View Post
So theres a lot more choice for next year.

Very impressed with the P35 so far and I know its early days for the X38.

Personally I dont care for SLI/crossfire and just want to keep buying the strongest single-card possible.

I think the DFI Blood Iron is the only single PCIE board Ive seen that really packs a punch. Otherwise SLI boards seem to be the best over-clocking choice even if you don't go SLI.

P35 with a lovely Q9450 + a GPU upgrade Q42008 could be the way to go if not going for SLI or DDR3.

Although Ill be kicking myself if DDR3 and the new chipsets crash in price in 2008 and the new 45nm cpus scream in the X38 and later chipsets.
I don't care much for SLI either but the 680i boards are still some of the top overclockers and performing boards around.
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