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Default wanted: a good case

Need a decent case for my new i7 system, I have everything else (see sig) Suggestions? Budget is under 300 CAD unless it's something really worth getting. Chances are it will come from NCIX so I can a) use my 10 dollar giftcard before I lose it. & b) see if I can score some free shipping.

EATX would be nice as my Rampage 2 Extreme didn't fit into the Silverstone Fortress by a few mm.

I like my cases for the most part plain and simple. Modding is fine, but if I don't need to that's ok too. Don't really care for the LED light fans, and a quiet PC is always something I strive for.

For the time being everything is crammed into an Antec 300 I was going to use for a fileserver and I really notice how small it is now. Thankfully the PSU is modular but there's still wires everywhere for fans and the external USB / sound etc.

Options for water cooling would be nice as I just was given an (i think) Black Ice GT240.

I like the inside of the Storm Sniper but don't much care for the outside. The P183 that I built for my father I liked (also having a P182 myself) but I don't know if it will fit my stuff well. Not likely. I loved the quality/features/engineering of the Silverstone Fortress until I tried to fit the motherboard in it.

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