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Originally Posted by Chilly View Post
<snip>Until Intel releases the P55 chip, there is some conflicting information on how many PCIe lanes the PCH will actually have to give out, but I can guarantee that it will have *at least* 6x PCIe 1.1 lanes.</snip>

Taken from HWC's review

I was correct, well, mostly, ended up that the PCH(P55) has 8x PCIe 1.0 links instead of only 6x. Everything else I have been saying about P55 and LGA1156 also turned out to be correct, such as the P55 being connected to the CPU via a DMI link with the equivlent bandwidth of a 4x PCIe 1.0 link. My advice/information stays relevant.

Not that P55, LGA1156, and the i5/i7 brand have been a well kept secret though!
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