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Originally Posted by magictorch View Post
X38 boards are currently very expensive c/w P35 boards.

Perhaps the new 45nm chips will run cooler and OC better with the X38 chipset.
While the PCIE1 will bottleneck the next wave of cards.

Ive read reviews of both chipsets and these are the only reasons I can think of that justify buying the X38.

Currently the P35 boards offer excellent performance with current CPUS and memory for a lot less eg. the DFI blood Iron or some of the P35 Gigabyte/ ASUS offerings.

So is it worth paying for X38 with the new 45nm CPUS and GPUs when using DDR2?
I won't bother with p35 or x38 as I'm interested more in the next board that supports SLI or is nvidia based.
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