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My System Specs


Thanks for the info everyone. Looks like I will be switching processors, and saving some money there. I'm not worried about building an AMD system, but if something were to go wrong I would have no way to test parts. At least with Intel stuff, I've got four other rigs to swap parts around on and figure out what's broken.

I'll look into downgrading the video card, but I'm pretty happy with the price match I found for the 4670. As for audio, it's not really important as speaker wise we have a Sony 5.1 system that is missing two rear speakers. And, this will all be run through a Sony STR-DG720 receiver via HDMI.

I added the heat sink quickly, as I built a budget office system last week, with the same board I'm using here, with an E6400 and stock cooler, and god damn it was loud. It could just be a faulty fan, but I'd rather not take the risk, nor do I want to have to re order later and pay for shipping again.


ARGH! So it's 2AM and I'm reading HTPC reviews on the 4350/4550 cards, and it looks like this is the way to go. I'm slightly worried about the passive cooling on some of these, as I imagine the enclosed space of an HTPC will get mighty hot. Looks like I've got tons more research to do.
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