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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Zero82z View Post
1GB of system RAM is not enough for folding using a VM, so you should wait until you upgrade to start doing that. If you do get 2GB of RAM in there, you can have the VM automatically run at a low priority by editing the folding.vmx file and changing the lines for "priority.grabbed" and "priority.ungrabbed" to "Idle" like so:
priority.grabbed = "idle"

priority.ungrabbed = "idle"
The GPU client has one installer, and it will set itself up automatically based on what GPU you have installed in your system.
Yeah I know, I run VMWare Workstation on my desktop for virtualization stuff that I need to do from time to time. I guess I'll throw the 2GB in it then, since it's also collecting dust...

I was just going to set VMWare to lowest priority in task manager, but that's good to know that I can just edit the vmx accordingly instead.
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