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My System Specs


OK I was wondering if you were pointing to a regular smp client (not vmware but something else).

Access your vmware client by typing in : in internet explorer.

Check the following that I have italicized:
Found 2 processors
User: chriskwarren
Team: 54196
Big Packets: big
Advmethods: yes

Check to make sure advmethods says yes, and that big packets are set to big.

Also,if you change the advmethods and big packets, remember that if you change this, you will still need to finish your downloaded core/work, before the new stuff is downloaded. You will not see anything change in FahMon for some time. You can let the work finish, or delete the folding folder and set it up again (there are other ways to reset it, but for simplicity sake right now this is what I suggest)
Fold for team #54196
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