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My System Specs


I don't mean to tread on anybody but i thought i would add a little here. Hope you don't mind.

Late July i built a new i7 rig for my younger brother and purchased a mugen 2 for it.

I will admit the instructions are practically useless on one hand, but after filing them and doing a little googling with a few minutes of thought, it's relatively straight forward if not a little awkward.

Peronally i was happy with the outcome myself, not to go against the huge fanbase the 212+ has here but IMO it is slightly better at cooling... give or take.

Just a few pics now...

Antec 300 with a P6T SE and i7 920, for ambient temps ( 26.7 c ) i left the air off because i wanted to stress the system further. One thing to note is the choice of RAM, the larger RAM sinks can get in the way, although with the 300's side intake being aligned nearly by design with a bottom mount fan and the dual slot 4850 that was not a significant problem for me. OK enough babbling, Stock and O/C temps, HT was left on throughout.

Here is how the side intake fan lines up.

Overall i think it looks good and does and does a good job.

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