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My System Specs


Originally Posted by himynameis View Post
jdrom17 bet u dont get 17 k with once card like i did
and super pi me i dare u
Well I get 18343 in 3DMark06 with my HD4890 overclocked:

And with my HD4890 at stock I get 17872:

A quick SuperPi run yields 13.796s without me doing anything to try and improve it. I even left all my programs open. So really, you're bragging about scores that aren't anything amazing.

The Q8200 is a rather crippled quad-core having only 1/3 of the L2 cache my X3350 (aka a Q9450) has and I also still have a slightly faster clock too even though my X38-chipset severely limits overclocking on 45nm quads (425FSB max).

I was merely sharing my opinions on what I would have bought at this point in time. There's nothing terribly wrong with your choices, just that there's better options you could of chosen to yield better performance. You asked if your setup sounded decent, so I told you my thoughts...

Next time ask before you buy rather than getting all cocky and "daring" people when somebody tells you there were better choices.
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