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My System Specs


Originally Posted by shayan288 View Post
Whoop my bad, apparently I am folding with my gpu, now how do I foldwith my cpu? I open that virtual thing with vmware and it shows the black screen with all that stuff I checked the IP in my browser all of it is good, Im folding for HWC's code, but where can I check how much PPD I am getting for my CPU and even on my GPU? OH and what does FAHMON do?
If you've got the VMs running then you're already folding on your CPU. Go into Task Manager to confirm that your CPU is being used at 100%. Also, you should consider using a program like WinAFC or Prifinity to automatically set your GPU client priority higher than the CPU clients so it won't get starved for CPU cycles.

To check your PPD from the VMs, use this for the location: \\\c\etc\folding\1\ (replace the with the numbers at the ends of the IP addresses that your VMs are using)

You'll have to add one client for each VM. Use the same path, except change the IP address for each client to correspond to the IP of each of your VMs.
Originally Posted by shayan288 View Post
Oh and when I go to and go to the stats, I cant see my username anywhere...
Your stats won't show up until you've uploaded your first work unit to Stanford and their servers have updated (updates happen at 1, 4, and 7 AM and PM EST).

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