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Originally Posted by shayan288 View Post
Well apparently I ahve cpu folding I think, It shows on F@H Viewer that like I have 2 hours to go or sumthing, but it doesnt say anywhere how many PPD I have. How do I fold with my gpu? When I open FAHMON it says create a client but I dont know what the "location" is.
The viewer is useless, so don't bother using it. For CPU folding, I suggest that you go with Linux VMs as per the guide linked above since it will give you significantly better performance than running the standard Windows clients (especially the standard client, since you're only using one core of your CPU right now).

To get your GPU folding, just download the GPU client and install it. Configure it to your liking, and point FahMon toward this directory to monitor it: C:\Users\**User name here**\AppData\Roaming\Folding@home-gpu

And DON'T use the GPU viewer since it will kill your performance while open. Just use FahMon to monitor your stats.
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