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My System Specs


Originally Posted by jdrom17 View Post
I personally wouldn't have wasted money on a Maximus II Formula, and well I wouldn't build a Core 2 Quad, especially a low end one, at this point in time. AMD Phenom IIs are faster and around the same, or less money. And well there's always Core i7 as well which just dominates all.

Also seeing as your TV can only be a max of 1920x1080, I would of just used a single HD4890.

It's an alright PC though, just not really what I'd buy.

Originally Posted by himynameis View Post
jdrom17 bet u dont get 17 k with once card like i did
and super pi me i dare u

if your e-peen is worth this much to you, so be it.

I would drop a 4890 for a SSD though.
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