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So perhaps I didnt edit the reistry correctly? Its possible since this is the first time Ive tried editing one. Heres what I did:

- Went to my Start menu > Run > Regedit

- went to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > ControlSet001 > go to Control > Nls > languages

- double clicked the top and bottom entries on the list, and entered 0409 which left it saying 0409 in the "data" column.

I then downloaded the english version of service pack 3 and got the previously mentioned error message. Does it sound like I did it correctly or did I miss something?

Thanks again for your reply King.

Geokilla - I believe thats what I did when I hit alt + F10, because it wipes everything and re-applies the factory image. Where is your option to restore to factory settings? Would that be in windows, bios, or... ? Thanks for the suggestion.

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