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My System Specs


all i do is setup my raid and just do tweaks once the OS is installed ( make sure write back cache is on )
1. run set up the way you normally do ( if running vista/7 you don't have to set the alignment they do it right )
2. install all your base drivers
3. do some tweaks
4. benchmark to make sure your getting what you should then do it all over again so you have a full clean install this is how i do it
I have done this like 5 or 6 times on my and clients machines in the last month alone it does not take any longer they a normal setup ( p.s setup 7/vista to boot from a usb makes install so much faster. jmo) I have vista and 7 setup on usb sticks to install from there.
Good luck i am sure that you will not need it though.
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