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My System Specs


Yeah...I seem to get somewhat confused reading through the OCZ Forums and equirements for these Drives...couldn't be as simple as installing and throwing in my OS Disc eh?....I think I even read that folks that installed FW version 1.4 Beta had to roll back to 1.1 then they could move up to 1.3 and then 1.4 wtf???

you kidding me....I enjoy HW but not headaches....hopefully if I take the plunge its really not as complex as what it sounds like on the Forum. I have Flashed many a Mobo BIOS utilizing .iso filed on a CD with never any issues, now when I go to the OCZ Forum and here Discussion beta test: CD ISO flash FW1.10(1370) USB files post #5 - OCZ Forum
I don't see any .iso files in the provided list 30 / 60 / 120 GB .zip etc...? Only files for creating a Bootable USB Drive (seems like a pita compared to burning an .iso bootable disc....)

Anyhow...thanks for the help guys...looks as though I have some homework ahead of me if I really want this Drive.

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