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Gimmick if you ask me. Why?

Anyone that needs the screen real-estate of more than one monitor is probably a coder/multitasker/renderer/photoshop user/etc and would find the performance of the laptop far too low to be of any use.

If it's for gaming, then the graphics chipset had better be a damn good one to push out enough power to drive that much screen decently. And besides that... Gaming on two screens? Either only one of them will be used for the game (and thus defeating the purpose of having two monitors) OR the game will be stretched across both displays - making your center of focus cut-into directly by the bezels in between the monitors.

To get this kind of output, you're more than likely using both of the graphics chipsets monitor outputs, which means that there are none to spare. And anyone going for screen real-estate will probably want the option of a 3rd monitor (see first paragraph).

The power usage of having a second monitor will be noticeable. Even efficient monitors use probably 40-50w of power with their brightness set to low. Times two and you're looking at 100w of power being consumed Just by the displays. Forget battery life, this thing is tied to a wall plug, forever. And if that's the case, and its near-useless in a mobile sense, then why not just build a small desktop pc instead? You'll pay less than half the price, have more power and have more flexibility than this laptop.

It's a joke. Move along.
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