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My System Specs


Ok, I thought I would try this VMware out again but i'm not sure if is working and I cant get FahMon to work ether.I have it set for 2 cores and their both at 100% so I think its working but without FahMon I don't know? When I downloaded the VMware to my desktop I did not read where it was putting the files,I just Next,Next ,Next right through it.What do I put in the Location ,I dont get this "To monitor with FAHMON or Fahspy simply point either monitoring app to
\\<your ip>\c\etc\folding\1\ " What IP address ,The one that they gave to the VMware( or my real IP and how should it look like in the location with the rest of the stuff their (\c\etc\folding\1\). I want to do 2 VMware clients but I want to make sure this one is working first,that and I think I really the second one by renaming the stuff in the folder and now it cant find a file,but one thing at a time.Can someone take a pic (snip) of what their location looks like with IP address and the rest of the stuff, because I dont get it.thanks
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