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Originally Posted by silent1mezzo View Post
I just built my new rig and I'm trying to move all the data over. In my old rig I had 2x 500GB mirrored drives and I was wondering what the best way to transfer the data (and drives) over to the new computer.

1) Can I take out one drive, place it in the new computer, back up the information and then bring the second drive over and setup the raid?
2) Do I need to back up the information, move both disks over and reformat?

Whats the best way to do this?
Mirrored drive are exact clones of each other. You should have no issues swapping them.

Depending how much data you have on the drives, I would make an image backup if you have the space. Just in case. Then swap one drive in, and make sure the data is there.
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