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Default Montreal LAN party! - Reschedule

Hi again fellow Montreallers. Please vote for your preferred day/weekend in October. We'll delay the LAN until then in order to try and get as many participants as possible.


Also note that I'm opening up this LAN party to any and all Montreal-based Computer outfits. So hopefully we'll have some of my fellow Matrox employees there, and maybe some EA/Ubisoft guys as well.

The Plan:
I'm hoping to get a minimum of 20 people here, either divided into teams or playing altogether co-op. If enough people DO confirm that they are coming, each person will only have to pay approx. $20-30 for about 8Hrs of gameplay at a rented location. If enough people DON'T confirm, we will try to fit into someone very large basement or some other place that's free or very cheap. The LAN party will most likely be on a weekend day, and If we have enough people I need to know ASAP so that I can reserve a location.

Games suggestions (so far):

-Battlefield 2 (classic, can be bought for about $10)
-TF2/L4D/Other Valve games (depending on who has them or not)
-Starcraft/Warcraft? hehe

What to Bring:
-Your PC/laptop and any/all accessories (Monitor, Kb/Mouse, Headphones w/ mics)
-One network cable, hopefully at least 15ft long (I'll try to make sure we have spares just in case)
-Your own food/drink
-All your own cables AND your own powerbar.
-Small cash ($20-30+) if we are renting a location, otherwise whatever change/lint in your pockets will do for vending machines,etc.

With any luck, Behemoth will be acting as the dedicated server for all games at this event. I don't know about you guys, but the last time I went to a LAN party and the server Wasn't dedicated... there were just a handful of problems/bad connections/dropped players. If this beasty isn't up by then, then we'll see if someone can bring a spare i7 system or Dual-socket workstation to serve as the dedicated server.

What this party needs:
- An awsome gigabit switch would be ideal, but I've only got an 8-port. So we'll need to find one or string a couple of them together for everyone.

Montrealers! Start telling your friends now!

Any questions?
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