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Forgive me all if I'm way off here... But follow along with Meta for a second: 7x PCIe x16 slots... Start from the highest one and insert double-slot cards all the way to the down. If you get the required 9 or 10 slot case, then what's to stop you from installing a double-slot card on the very bottom (7th) slot and let it overhang the bottom edge of the motherboard? I don't understand why everyone is stating 3x dual-slot card and 1x single-slot... The board won't fit in a standard ATX case anyways, lol.

And I still say its small....

@Chilly: Give it a rest my friend. They'll probably never make a Xeon/Opteron board that can OC easily. Otherwise it wouldn't be a challenge .

Laff @ the 40mm fan on the NB... the whole thing looks like a P3/Slot 1 combo. Now THAT would be one hell of a bottleneck, lol. But still, 40mm fans = noise w/ high RPMs to do anything OR = useless and should be replaced with a spotcool... lol.
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