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My System Specs

Default Folding for noobs... CPU/GPU...

I just installed the F@Home CPU client(GUI), works fine by itself, no real settings to do. I read most of the F.A.Q too but i'm not quite sure I undertand...

No I read guys running their CPUs and GPUs? I've looked in the settings, tried to see what could be done, I got no freaking clue.

Anyone could write a simple easy to follow faq?

This is for my main rig below, I want it to run at night and while i'm at work all day.

I also have a P4 3.0 with a 7600GT that's catching dust in a corner(file server) that I might get folding too while I am at it...

hanks for any advise/help!
Is smoke supposed to come out of there?
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