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1. Once your temps level out, that's pretty much it. I let it go for 30 minutes, just to make sure, but 15-20 usually does just fine.

2. If there's a difference between Prime and Orthos, you'd have to get pretty technical to understand it.

2b. Orthos will automatically grab 2 cores with each instance. To get Prime running on two cores, open two instances of the program. Before running each one, go to the Windows task manager, and under the list of processes running, find the two instances of Prime. Right click on each one to get a menu, and go to the 'Affinity' option. Set the affinity of one of the processes to core 0, and the other to core 1. Then run both instances like normal.

3. If you're looking for fps counts to compare with other machines, you need a reproduceable scenario. Can't speak for Doom 3 or Prey, but I know Half Life 2: Lost Coast and Lost Planet both have in-game benchmarks.

Edit: Beaten twice!
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