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Default Benchmark run-times

Hi all, I have a few questions regarding OC'ing and benchmarks:

1. How long should I run Orthos, and have Core-temp logging my temps, to get a good average load temperature? I found after 20 minutes my temps maxed out
2. For stability testing, is Prime 95 or Orthos a better program? It appears that they run similar tests
2b. Is there a helpfile I can look at so I can setup two instances of Prime 95? I have thus far been unsuccessful at finding any information on this)
3. Are there premade game benchmark programs that will run say, Prey or Doom 3, in different areas of the game and log the FPS? Or do I have to play the game myself in various areas and log my results with fraps?
4. Thanks!

I am trying to get an idea of what kind of procedure I should follow so I can make my hardware reviews as rock solid as possible.
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