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Originally Posted by Unknownm View Post
Yeah some LCD's have awesome color now
yeah, 24bit and all - but the ones that do have high input lag / response time - and most of them are not even calibrated well out of the box !

I was so happy to see this thread I thought I was the only one using CRT - usign a professional series CRT - it tops all the LCDs I've seen, even the new Dells and HPs, even the best panels, in terms of black levels, color accuracy, etc. The only advantage I have seen of LCD over CRT is uniformity in terms of sharpness - if you are comparing against average CRTs, you will like LCD better despite its problems - BUT comparing to a high-end most expensive CRT (at the time) no way, I have yet to see any LCD come even close to my CRT.

What worries me is once my CRTs die, there is absolutely no CRT monitors sold now, it's all crappy LCDs, even the very few ones with H-IPS or whatever claimed high quality panels, are still crap in terms of color accuracy and response rate.

Most people have adopted LCD because of size - over quality. I'm also wondering if even OLED will compete with CRT - maybe in terms of contrast, but for colors, LCDs and OLED have a bias in color - either towards green, blue, etc. If all you are dong is surfing the internet, reading web pages, maybe LCD will be better - but for graphics work that requires color accuracy (both chroma, gamma & brightness levels) you want to stick with a good CRT.

Also a big downside of LCD is the fixed native resolution - with CRT you do not have this problem and can switch resolution without loss in quality - with LCD anything outside the native res is interpolated and gives crappy results, especially for text, for games you lose crispness and sharpness of textures, it's crap.

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