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My System Specs


I have two CRT monitors I still use, one for servicing customers rigs and one at my country retreat for use with my 'books. The place is pretty isolated and prone to breakins so I can't leave anything of value. CRT monitors aren't worth stealing.

In fact it was being forced to carry a book that led me to switch to LCDs years ago. After using an LCD for half the week in the country and then using my CRTs in the city for half a week, I couldn't help but notice how much easier the LCDs were on the eyes and decided to make the switch on my main rig. CRTs hurt my eyes.

Unfortunately I was spoiled by my pair of 21" Trinitrons and wasn't prepared to move down to either a single display or a pair of 15" or even 17" LCDs which were the norm in those days. I patiently waited for the price of 19" LCDs to fall below $2000, then below $1500, and finally sprung when a pair of Samsungs became available at a Boxing Day sale for less than $800 each. The next day they were back up over a grand each.

About three years ago I made another change, relegating my old Samsungs to my number two system and getting a single Insignia 42" 1920x1080 LCD for my main system. That totally changed the dynamic of my computer use. The computer went from being an impediment to sociability to being the focus of the entire room and a conversation starter.

CRTs? Let's leave them in the second millenium like FDDs, HDDs, punchcards and dialup modems
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