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Hello once again one and all!
In case you forgot... here's one of my later concept sketches for this mod.

I'm proud to say that I once again come before you bearing images.

The quality is sub-par, but when I have the time I'll assemble a great deal of pics using my new camera with some proper studio lighting.

Without further ado...

An overview shot showing the new fittings and One of Two reservoirs installed.

You can see the res is hard piped out from the top port on the mosfet block.
I fabricated a rear mount which can be slotted onto the fan guard.
There is a large gap between the res and the rear mount because I haven't installed the spacers which I cut from carbon which are intended to replicate the 'finned' design of the AquaTube reservoir from AquaCopmuter.
The front of the res actually hangs on the PSU shroud. I'm going to make a small slit in the PSU shroud in which a carbon peg can be slotted.
It took a shockingly long time to conceptualize and install - I'm very pleased. The second res will be mounted directly across the case - parallel - mounted to the copper drive bay shroud.

Here is the top fan guard - the slot is for an e-sata port connected to the Pico-ITX. The filing on this piece is still rough.

Here is the nearly completed modded mac keyboard, complete with carbon bottom.

As mentioned above, there are new fittings... I decided to go black nickel and copper. All the new stuff is 3/8" and came across the pond from
Here's a small sampling.

New dust filters, also from aquatuning.

An SLI adapter to clean the plumbing on the graphics cards. This will require me to mod my customized "PrometheusCU edition" covers... wish me luck ;)

Here are some quick shots of the copper parts, many still unfiled, all still unbent, all still very sexy IMO.

To conclude this teaser, here is - another - mock-up of the base.

Thanks for your patience one and all, I hope you've enjoyed this taste of things to come...
I'll be back soon - and often - but until then, see you 'round the ether.
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