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Originally Posted by voklskier4452 View Post
the gold plating is for pin rot, this is a benching board, designed to be the fastest thing ever made, and if you paid any attention you would know this, it needs things like 2x8pin because at the kind of OC's that people will pull using this thing there will be almost 300 amps being pulled by the vrm's.

this is not a board for web browsing, this is a board to break records
Actually I consider myself a fairly attentive person, although you may wish to re-read what I typed earlier with a little more care. I stand by what I said - this board isn't giving anything new - we've already got the Classified available to us, and it already covers the good points of this board, including the power circuits and the twin 8-pin power plugs. If you have corrosion problems in the socket area, you should probably do a better job of insulation. I fully appreciate the Classified, it's this iteration of the board that I find a little ridiculous.
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