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Default EVGA X4 Classified and GTX 285 Classified

newest board from EVGA, and its matching OC companion the brand new GTX 285 classified!

EVGA | Articles | EVGA Classified 4-Way SLI & GTX 285 Classified

tech specs are beyond amazing these things will be monsters like we have never seen before
Cooler Master ATCS 840 (black)
Core i7 920 with DD MC-TDX
Asus P6T
EVGA gtx285 (single for now)
Patriot Viper PC3 12800 3x2gb
WD 500gb 7200rpm
WD raptorx 150gb 10000rpm
Corsair 1000HX
Vista Ultimate 64bit
Klipsch pro media 2.1 speakers
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