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Default Poof!!! went the gpu...

yep, right! yesterday, all of a sudden, the moni. image becomes all scrambled and i have to reboot.
When i restart Folding@home, same thing happens.

Hoping it's not a dead gpu again, as happened to me a few months back, i reinstall the gpu drivers; card's not any better.
I reinstall Win XP, and it's still a no go.

Now i have to take the card back to the dealer again, hoping it won't take 2 months, like the last time.

Card is BFG GTX 280 OC.

This will be the last time repair for this card, if it happens again, i'll buy something else hopefully better.
In the meantime, i feel

No Folding@ home for the team for a while too.

Ego cogito, ergo deus non est.
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