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Default Low PPD on VMs

Some of you may notice that your VMs are not using 100% processor time and where one VM would get ~2500PPD nomally is now getting ~400PPD

On my Q6600 cores 0/1 are at 100% use and are ~2500PPD. However, cores 2/3 are sitting anywhere from 10 to about 30% cpu usage and get miserable speeds.

It *seems* to be bad 1920 WU's

F47-VM1, p2677 (19-51-34)
F41-VM2, p2677 (33-42-31)
F32-Linux1, p2669 (12-50-160)
F45-VM1, p2669 (14-166-39)
F38-VM1, p2677 (17-74-29)
F43-VM1, p2677 (19-51-34)
F41-VM1, p2677 (34-40-30)
F30-Linux1, p2671 (37-79-78)
My problem ones are all from Project 2677

Solution seems to be to delete the WU and get a different one.

Now.... how to make this EASY to do?
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