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Originally Posted by Sexercise View Post
What about using a Line Out from your PC -> the unit, instead of using the mic to sense noise just run a signal directly into the unit? If that's even possible...
Could have done that other then the fact line out can only be selected to one device from 1 soundcard. I am using onboard optical out to run to my home theatre system, aka my speakers and i wouldn't have sound if i switched to regular line out. I'd otherwise need a new/2nd sound card which is much more expensive then the route i've gone (let me see good sound card for under 10$).

I still need to update this thing, unfortunately it'll most likely be with webcam pictures seeing as i wont be at home anymore to use the parents' digital camera but this will be updated with pictures and content "hopefully" tues. Depending on how long it takes to unload/unpack my stuff, get myself back up and running and if i go out for drinks.
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