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My System Specs


Originally Posted by 4DoorGTZ View Post
I joined the POEM project cuz I though my Rosette was crapping out, wouldnt download any new tasks.... AHA, checked preferences and had it set to leave 10Gb hard drive space, I was down to 9.6Gb.... so it stoped to not kill my pc. Well disk cleanup and moving things over to the second drive I'm back to 16gb (on a 72raptor) and as a thanks for Poem showing me this I'll leave it running 50/50 with Rosetta.... Now to get my octa core online already, sigh too many parts laying around.
Yesterday i had to cancel 2 wu from Rosetta, progress always stayed at 0% and they were using about 2.3GB of mem.; counting everything else running at the time, i was using 3.2GB of mem.

Following that, if took maybe half a day to get new wu's from Rosetta; now all's working well.

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