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just got one of these to replace a old PCI Fatal1ty Champion (slot was going to interfere with future SLI), now my only problem is the mini PCI-E for that type of card is hidden under a 4870 x2 heatsink, so i had to put it at the bottom PCI-E so it wouldn't touch my future SLI combo.

Must say its a great card! the driver install from the website was a little hard to get going at first but sure enough it works!

One thing i noticed different is mine came with the standard bracket installed and the low profile in a little baggy.

Good card for the price! very good on a logitech G51 setup!

I got mine free as a replacement for the Fatal1ty having one broken rear port (just found out yesterday when testing it) it costs about the same as the Fatal1ty did at the time, and they were nice enough to give me a PCI-E card instead of PCI.
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