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It took me 5 days , but I have gotten ahold of ComAlc....

Anyhdrous , 100% un-denatured Ethanol is 140$ for 25 liters.So , about the same as Isopropanol , but Excluding taxes/duties.

I am in the process of examining the 'licensing' involved.(I need a license for 'un-denatured' , it determines the duty rate.).......

I am also looking to two different 'denatured' grades , as they are cheaper.

One is denatured with .5 % Toluene , one is 5% Naptha...both will work as far as I know , it's a case of materials compatability after that......


So it looks like the thinktank 2.0 is still fully a go , with this liquid change !

I am looking into a 4 liter sample to do the baking pan test first....

edit :

I almost forgot.If anhydrous ethanol works ( and it should ) we can use liquid nitrogen to get to below -100 C ....... There's some hurdles before this , but it's worth mentioning.

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