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Originally Posted by Safearus View Post
So get a big heavy case and put some casters on the bottom!

However, it is VERY cramped in there, even if you're looking for more portability I'd personally like to have some more room for proper airflow... but that's JMO
Airflow isnt Awful in the case actually. 2x 120mm Scythe s-flex fans on intake give plenty of airflow. The lower one is Literally giving fresh air directly to the GTX295, which exhausts directly out the case and partially out the side, where theres an Antec spotcool pushing the remaining heat out the grilled side panel. For the CPU it's a little more restricted, but still decent, The spotcool that faces the northbridge also serves to help airflow under the edge of the PSU, before its pulled back up into the PSU through its 120mm fan and the out the back of the case. I'll be the first to admit that it's not the ideal setup for airflow, but for a tiny tiny system, its pretty good.
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