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Originally Posted by Overclocker~4.1 View Post
As the title says, I want to install a window into the side of my case(the one in my siggy) I have plexy glass, i think its a 1\4 inch thick. and i have a few tools at my disposal. Ie, drill press,dremmel and a hand drill. as well as a table clamp. What else do i need? how do i make a proper template? how do i cut the case\plexi? how should i mount it?
What kind of side panel do you have? Is it just a plain side panel or does it have that grill thingy on it?

I'm swapping out the green plexi on my cm 690 nv for clear. I'm also going to change the exterior pins that hold the plexi in place with short bolts. It should add a nice touch after the bolt heads are polished.

It would be easy for you to do as well. Cut your hole as per the video. Mark and drill holes in the side panel in a pattern that you like. 1/8" holes would be good. (drill press would work great for this job) Then use the double-sided tape to hold your plexi in place. Then use your dremel with a 1/8" bit to drill your plexi from the outside of the panel. (your pilot holes are already done) Last but not least, add your bolts. Don't tighten your bolts too hard or you could crack your plexi. Just a little more than hand tight will be sufficient.

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