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Default Built! Pictures!

"Hellish" doesn't begin to describe it. I put my GTX295 in there... and, well.... you'll see.

Outside (with the obligatory Beer bottle for size comparison):

Interior with no PSU:

Looks a little cramped doesn't it? You have no idea... Behold!

Corsair H50 Clearance underneath the optical drive - Milimeters to spare:

GTX295 blocks half the sata ports, so I got creative with some 90 degree connector cables:

GTX295.... a 10.5 inch long card. A card thats 10.6 inches would not fit. the end of the card is almost touching the fan hub! the gap is so small i couldnt even take a picture of it:

And last, but not least:

... I don't even have an explanation. Too much going on in too small of a case. Remind me not to build one like this again.

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