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As far as I know, most shops will not replace a board that is damaged after you walk out the door with it. I did return a board to Canada Computers once that had damage, but I had left the store like 10 mins earlier, and checked the board over before I left the parking lot. They exchanged it no problems. If I had brought it home and damaged it, or it looked like it was likely that it was damaged after I brought it home then I would have been in the same position as yourself.

With that being said, Avalon Software in St. John's replaced a mobo for a buddy of mine once that was clearly damaged by the user on installation. I was drinking with the said buddy; he wanted his rig put together, and around midnight he convinced me to put it together (while we were both plastered). I put the HSF on a Duron backwards, and the chip and mobo fried when we turned it on. They replaced the mobo (it was retail), but did not replace the oem Duron. We were lucky they replaced the mobo, and were grateful. Since then, I try as best as possible to be sober when working on computers.

Perhaps the guy at the store should have been nicer to you, but I am not sure many places would have replaced the board at no cost to you. I also doubt they would pay to ship it in to rma, with margins these stores have.
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