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My System Specs


well for one thing I am thinking it was just the person I was dealing with, this person pointed out that the clip on the pcie was broken off which I never noticed and also explains why it was so hard to remove the videocard in the first place he told me that I had broken that clip off and in the process broke off the compassitor, which is not what happened, what happened was I was trying to remove the card and after the card came out I notice that the compacitor was bent sidewas and that one of the two inputs from the motherboard was disconected , I tryed to gently push it back on and the compasitor fell off new I am not sure who is at fault, but the person ,which I am sure is the possible manager of "Mikes computer shop Abbotsford " or at least acts like it, was making allot of acusations and assumptions about the board. he said tha tasus would laugh at them if they sent the board in. I asked in a nice way, if he could at least try , he then said that it would cost me $40.00 shipping and handling. to be honest I think that because I had price matched the board a week ago and got it for almost $35.00 cheaoper that he was just trying to make his money back.
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