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Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
Didn't you say in another thread you accidentally applied some setting you were playing with that kind of bumped up something that shouldn't have been?

yea i accidentally pushed the QPI to 200, but i had a instant BSOD and it ran fine after a clean vista install... would be nice to find someone in calgary able to help me find my root issue... but if i killed my i7 intel aint gonna take it back.... damn things are expensive


is their like a core testing program so i can see if its my CPU causing this?


Note: the underscore will keep blinking but any imput (ESC, C, SC Lock) do not work, but it will still just blink forever, its not a solid freezeup.


Memtest 86+ functioning... but standerd 86 still doesn't work, will report results when test over.
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