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Default Random lockup crashes

Ok so my new rig will every now and again just lock up and crash forcing a hard reboot, this was not happening until a acident with e-leet were I accidently jumped the QPI from 133 to 200 with a 2x12 muliplier on my ram... ( wanted to see what speed 200 gave accidently hit apply, caused bsod and had to clean install vista to make it work) these crashes will turn my g19 off and just keep displaying the immage at the moment of crash, it usualy only happens in games but happene in iTunes and when running prime 95 for over 3 hours. They are not tempurature failures as I watch my temps and my cores won't go pass 50C and gpu won't exeed 60C. Do I need new ram or is their a different problem.. This is really hard to identify because of all the posibilitys.
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